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Weirdest Websites That’s Still Rocking The Web !

Hello peeps..! So today we are gonna discussing some of the top websites that are a bit weird or what we say is that the developer or even the users don’t know why they are using it, But still some of it is very fun and interesting. Hope you are bored at home and scrolling through the internet; I can waste some of your time. This list is completely arranged randomly, So Keep scrolling!

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Endless entertainment for champions of procrastination and fans of sometimes weird, sometimes beautiful gifs or videos. Bonus Tip: put the volume down and make sure that no one’s watching you 😉


It seems something mysterious is happening in the back. but I can’t make it out what’s going on that page 😁 . It feels like someone is whispering something about the connection with extraterrestrial communications. ‘Aliens ’seems interesting, right? I don’t know what's exactly, So you guys check it out and comment below


This page is dedicated to those guys who always fall asleep while watching or hearing something on TV. I really enjoyed it as I am such a person so I am suggesting it personally.


This is fun and addictive, that’s it. Flash warning!


This is the junction of almost all weird sites on the internet. It will randomly send you to weird websites and as mentioned in the name itself; ‘useless websites’ 😂😜 . Anyway, it's really cool.


It's weird that how did they find images of someone who is exactly pointing towards your mouse pointer. There’s a guy with no pants focusing on your pointer; Good luck finding him !🤣.


This is obviously a throwback to the internet's wilder days, and everything about this website is eccentric!


This is the most beautiful and user-friendly website I had ever seen 👌👏. Modern web designers should learn from this.


It's not about fun, if I am arranging this list in order, it must be on the top. Everything is mysterious and you should definitely go through it if you are into myths and other stuff like that.


This website is for all cat lovers, And this is the most difficult and mysterious game related to cats I had ever seen.

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